The new direction...

I've been working on a new 'thing' for a little while now. It's a project called The Breakout Lights, and features me playing guitar & ukulele and singing, mostly solo, but sometimes with my friends! This is the material I'll be touring this year, and I'm really looking forward to it... especially now that my vocal loop pedal has been added to the mix, now there's something I can get down with ;) 

HERE is Beauty Floats - a song a little bit about my problem with nostalgia (among other things), and that perhaps I was already where the grass was greener before I left it. (And, don't worry, if I leave where I am now, I will feel the exact same thing about NY. At least I figured it out. Thankful for having moved around a lot!). 

HERE is Don't Look Back - this is an older song that I changed up stylistically. This is more how I envisioned it originally. I love when you can revisit something and each time, find a different voice that the song wants you to sing.