2018 Australian Tour


I am excited to be heading back to Australia in 2018 to tour. I'll be partnering with Parlour gigs for part of the tour, bringing my solo show to your living rooms! Want to host? That would be awesome.. Just click here for more details on how everything works. The dates above in grey are ones I am looking for hosts for... somewhere in the general area of the places! 

I am also looking forward to bringing my full-band show to venues throughout Oz, because well, I also love playing with other musicians. It's great. There's this gelling that sometimes happens, that you can't beat. It's like catching a barrel. Not that I surf, but the way my friends who do describe that feeling is the way I feel sometimes after a gig. Like we all went somewhere together. Musicians and audience alike. It's a definite perk of not only being a musician, but music in general; music can take you somewhere beyond yourself. 

So, house concerts! I am honestly really excited about this. I have been thinking about it a LOT lately - what it is, and why I want to do more of it. I feel so disconnected in our digital age - I know a lot of people do. When I was younger I called my friends more often, I wrote (& received) physical letters, I would show up at my favourite cafe, bar, or music venue and I would find people I either knew or jived with. I was super social. Now I spend time insulated, hermit-like! Not all the time, but it feels like that. There's something about a house concert that is a coming together in a different way from a gig. It's intimate. It's thoughtful. It's comfortable and welcoming. And, for me personally, I crave all of that in my musical life. 

nerissa campbell