Have you always wanted to learn to sing? Or do you want to take your singing to the next level? Need performance guidance? Or want to learn to sing & play guitar? Hone your songwriting skills? 

I teach the courses below as well as ongoing or one-off lessons based around your schedule and availability, please be in touch at crookedmouthmusic [at] gmail [dot] com.

All courses are 8-weeks long unless otherwise noted. One-off lessons can run as often as you like!

PS. I LOVE teaching! Singing to me is such an amazing thing - it brings such joy and and energy not only to yourself but to those around us, and it is the original instrument - the one we all have, unique and as beautiful as any other part of us. Singing (and songwriting!) has helped me through so many anxious times, and is in itself a therapeutic practice. I know that there can be a lot of self-doubt involved in singing for a lot of us, too. It is my aim to help all singers to sing freely and joyously, and to find their voice.

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Singing Lessons - beginner

Have you always wanted to learn to sing? This course is for you! Working on techniques tailored to your voice I will guide you through your course with vocal workouts, songs (your choice or mine!), and general information that will help you understand your voice, develop your confidence, and get you singing! 

Singing Lessons - intermediate, semi-professional, professional

Already a pro, or want to take your singing to the next level? This course will delve into vocal techniques and workouts to help you understand your voice on a deeper level, develop your unique sound, gain stamina and healthy habits for regular gigging, and hone your performance skills. Repertoire is encouraged toward developing a set, or getting ready for an open mic, or studio recording, depending on your level. Lessons can also include songwriting guidance & feedback if desired. 

Performance Workshop

For those wanting to hone their performance skills, this course will offer an opportunity to get valuable feedback on your repertoire in order to get you ready for the stage! 


This 8- or 12-week course will concentrate on songwriting, specifically lyric writing & melody development. Using writing exercises, prompts, word setting, improvisation, and song study, together we'll work on developing new material. There's nothing like singing your own songs! All levels welcome. 

Singing for instrumentalists

Learning to sing and play an accompanying instrument can be challenging! In this course we'll work on singing techniques suited to your voice as well as tips for developing co-ordination to sing & play at the same time. Any level of singer encouraged, and if you would like to simultaneously learn guitar or ukulele the course can accommodate (if so, the 60 min class is recommended). 


  • Courses run on an 8-week schedule.

  • Courses and Class packages are on a set weekly schedule, no make up classes are offered - please ensure you can make each week!

  • Online (A good internet connection is all you need!) or In-Studio in Brooklyn, NY

  • All levels and ages welcome. I have experience teaching children as well as adults, and beginners through professionals.

  • I offer lessons at a discounted rate for school kids, please be in touch.

  • Please feel free to write to me at crookedmouthmusic [at] gmail [dot] com if you have any questions.



  • Consider what package you would like, and the length of each lesson (30/45/60mins).

  • Let me know 3 times that work for you (I am in NY, EST time).

  • I will respond within 24-48hours to discuss lessons and payment options.




I had been trying to learn to sing for a long time with no luck and had almost given up hope. After only a few lessons with Nerissa I have already started to notice improvement. She is always very patient and encouraging." -Paul S.


“…I have definitely grown and gained confidence in my ability to ‘converse’ as a singer since having lessons with Nerissa. I enjoy that each lesson builds on the prior so that we're always working on something new, and they are a great creative break from the day, a chance to use another part of the brain. I have been having lessons with Nerissa for nearly two years and absolutely recommend her.” - Adam P.


“…Nerissa is an encouraging, understanding and most of all, patient teacher. I've taken lessons for years, but her teaching method is unique and I have definitely benefited from it. I had been trained as a musical theatre singer and while I knew I could do more, Nerissa led the way and broke me out of that shell. The warm-ups fit my voice and the techniques were so helpful. Essentially, my favorite part about all the lessons is my ability to thrive as an artist. Writing lyrics was a hidden passion of mine, but Nerissa taught me how to make them songs – making them something I never thought they could be! She's a great listener, always open to my opinions and creates a great working environment. I have grown as a person with Nerissa's guidance and I definitely recommend her to students at any level, because she has something to offer everyone!" - Carrie E.


“While I only started singing lessons with Nerissa not too long ago, I have already noticed a big difference in my range and the way I use my voice, and just in general, I believe I sound better when I sing. I started having lessons in person, but now take them online since I moved away. I definitely recommend Nerissa - she is really sweet and patient, I think she is the perfect teacher to have for me as a beginner.  Also, I love listening to her Australian accent”. - Adelyne L.


"Nerissa is kind, smart in so many more ways than just music (she seems to know just what’s needed), a-mazing with children and adults alike, encouraging - it was all Nerissa who gave my son the courage and confidence to audition for (and get) a singing role in a school musical. He looks forward to every single lesson. She has a way of communicating that makes her students want to try harder. As for the Skype/ online style of lessons, we were at first very skeptical that it would be as effective as in person, but to be honest it was just the same. And of course kids love anything using a bit of tech, so it was actually a benefit, even on the opposite side of the globe! My son's skills and passion continues to grow with Nerissa’s tuition and guidance. I may seem like I’m raving on, but seriously, I cannot recommend her enough...the positive influence she has on my teenage son in music and in life is absolutely valued! Thanks Nerissa for giving me the opportunity to be able to recommend you publicly." - Jodie P.


"Nerissa is an exceptional voice teacher to our 8 year old daughter. She enabled our daughter to grow in her vocal skills while encouraging her with fun homework and engaged lesson plans. Our daughter looks forward to lessons with authentic enthusiasm" - Lisa JM


“I have been having lessons with Nerissa for a year-and-a-half for pure enjoyment! The thing I like most from our lessons has been to break down my favorite songs and find a way to make them my own. Singing is something I do just for myself; I have much more confidence in my voice and thanks to Nerissa have definitely grown as a vocalist”. - Kelly S.


"Nerissa is one of the best at what she does. It was great working with her!" - Rika G.


"Nerissa is an excellent teacher. I learned so much and made a lot of progress & improvement under her instruction." - Joe S.


"Nerissa has been teaching our eight year old for about a year. Nerissa is a magician when it comes to teaching--she makes the learning fun. Nerissa doesn't just go over the mechanics and techniques--though she certainly does that. From the get-go, Nerissa got my daughter to see herself as a co-creator of the vocals. She had her make up lyrics and songs, she showed her different styles, she has her choose among them. A terrific teacher." - Paisley C.


Nerissa is just all round amazing! - Jackson M.